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Medical Centre Brisbane City 6 Day

Womenís health issues are one of the main areas that the specialist doctors deal with at this family, menís and womenís health medical centre. Brisbane CBD is a central location for patients to visit a doctor at a time that is suitable to their busy timetables.

Some patients prefer to see a female doctor for womenís health issues like a pap smear and some patients prefer to see a male doctor for menís health issues like prostate checks. The trained nursing sisters will be on hand to assist doctors where necessary.

Pap Smear Tests Ė Online Booking System

When seeing a doctor at this medical centre, Brisbane City 6 Day may bulk bill the patient in certain cases, depending on the income and situation of the patient. Booking an appointment for a pap smear or a general medical is easy when you access the online booking system on the Brisbane City 6 Dayís website at www.brisbanecity6day.com.au.

It is recommended that a patient sticks with the same GP or practitioner so as that they get consistent care and advice. Getting a pap smear or pregnancy test is a very private matter, and many female patients are more comfortable seeing a female doctor or at least a doctor that they feel comfortable seeing for something so intimate.

Women's Health Specialists

Browse the Brisbane City 6 Day website to see the specialist practitioners that can be seen at this medical centre and the times that they are available to see patients. The medical practice aims to minimize waiting times for the patient, so it is imperative that the patient books an appropriate appointment to cover the issues that they wish to discuss with the doctor.

Womenís health appointments could be for a pap smear, mammogram, pregnancy test or menopause issue. The resident and visiting doctors at the practice can be pre-booked if the patient wishes to see a particular doctor for their medical needs thereby selecting the most appropriate practitioner for their requirements.

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