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Budget Accommodation in Sydney

Many backer hostels in Sydney offer a diverse range of hotel and budget accommodation, with free breakfast and Internet access. The Sydney budget accommodation hotels provide excellent amenities, including clean and cheerful range of single rooms right through to small and large dormitories. Check out Sydney's funkiest budget accommodation for the backpackers, tourists or world travellers.

If you are looking for cheap backpackers accommodation, then there are many locations across the centre of Sydney’s tourist and business districts. One will be right for you. It is a great place to meet young (and seasoned) travellers from all corners of the globe in a friendly safe environment. As a traveller, it is not always the cheap backpacker accommodation that makes the experience valuable it is often the opportunity to trade travel experiences and, just maybe, learn something new.

Cheap Hostels Sydney

Budget accommodation right in the heart of the centre of Sydney, is only a short walk away from Darling Harbour, Haymarket, Circular Quay, Hyde Park, Kings Cross, museums and many of Sydney's major tourist attractions. Many prices start from $25 per night (weekly rate), including free breakfast and Internet. Airport transfers can be arranged for whether you are staying just for the night or a longer stay. Enjoy the delights of and service any budget accommodation in Sydney can offer when it is located in a central location.

Sydney attractions

Sydney can offer a wide variety of attractions and day trips. Many travellers revel in the idea of famous Bondi Beach just a short trip from the CBD and your budget accommodation. Sydney has an excellent public transport system, so take the train and bus and you could be bathing in the sun at Bondi. Sydney also has it wonderful harbour and its iconic masterpieces. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge or around the sails of the Sydney Opera House. Take a short trip on a ferry to Manly and its popular promenade and ocean beach.

Budget Accommodation

Sydney has very affordable rates at many of it budget accommodation place in around the city and CBD district. Most locations have excellent conditions so there is no reason to overspend on your place to stay, leaving you with more daily budget for all the wonderful attractions.