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Backpacker Accommodation in Sydney

Sydney offers a diverse range of hostel and budget accommodation, usually with free breakfast and Internet access. Most establishments provide excellent amenities, including clean and cheerful range of single rooms right through to small and large dormitories. Stay at one of Sydney's funkiest hostels for the backpackers, tourists or world travellers.

If you are looking for cheap backpacker accommodation in Sydney, then one of many locations across the centre of Sydney’s tourist and business districts will be right for you. Meet young (and seasoned) travellers from all corners of the globe in a friendly safe environment. As a traveller, it is not always the cheap backpacker accommodation that makes the experience valuable it is often the opportunity to trade travel experiences and, just maybe, learn something new.

Cheap Hostels Sydney

Affordable accommodation right in the centre of Sydney, just a short walk away from Darling Harbour, Haymarket, Circular Quay, Hyde Park, Kings Cross, museums or many of Sydney's major tourist attractions. Most prices start from $20 per night (weekly rate), including free breakfast and Internet. Free Airport transfers can be arranged for those staying 3 days from many hotels or cheap transfers for those who wish to spend only 1 or 2 nights. Enjoy the delights of service and budget backpacker accommodation in Sydney.

Select from a wide variety of boutique and quirky hostels in Sydney. Many appeal to a diverse mixture of international backpackers and other budget conscious travellers who seek accommodation. Sydney hotels can be overpriced, so look for the budget prices starting from $20 per night, up to some location at $60 per night.

Sydney Central Backpacker Accommodation

For a special something choice from a limited number of backpacker accommodation that offers well appointed doubles, twins four and six bed dorms all equipped with satellite television and personal refrigerator. Some located in the heart of the city's most popular tourist and nightlife areas. Don’t miss out on these delights.